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Technical Equipment


Cutting plotter (1 pc)

Enables precise cutting of the protective film for the display and of the material for applying personalised graphics to the case.

Smartphone (1 pc)

A phone that lets you control the All-Safe™ Booster through an intuitive application.

Printer (1 pc)

Allows you to print high-quality, personalized graphics, photos or collages on the Label material, which you then apply to the case.

Cutting-Mat (1 pc)

A mat for the application of Standard and Watch size template and allows for the precise cut in the cutting plotter.

All-Pad™ (1 pc)

A pad for easy and hassle-free film installation.

Apprex Gel (1 pc)

Allows for efficient and thorough cleaning of the device or case and application of the film without defects such as air bubbles.

Tweezers (1 pc)

The tweezers are helpful when installing the film and positioning it precisely on the device or case.

Squeegee (1 pc)

Allows for efficient and quick assembly of the film and squeezing out of the excess installation gel. Thanks to its delicate material finish, it is safe for the device and protective film.

Cleaning Cloth (2 pcs)

Made of microfiber, perfectly cleans the surface before film installation and helps to collect excess installation gel.

Components dedicated for the kit


Anti-Scratch (25 pcs / 1 set)

Protective film reinforcing the smartphone screen by 200%.

Anti-Shock (25 pcs / 1 set)

Scratch-resistant IK07 protective film, reinforcing the smartphone screen by 300%.

Hammer (25 pcs / 1 set)

Scratch-resistant, armoured protective film IK08, reinforcing the smartphone screen by 450%.

SilverProtection+ (25 pcs / 1 set)

Anti-impact and antimicrobial coated protective foil reinforcing smartphone screen by 400%.

Privacy (25 pcs / 1 set)

The privatizing protective film strengthens the smatphone screen by 250% and protects privacy.

Components dedicated for personalisation


Label (25 pcs / 1 set)

Premium graphic printing material providing excellent colour reproduction.

Label Cover (25 pcs / 1 set)

Material that protects and increases the durability of printed graphics, to make your customer even happier.

Armor Case

A case ready to personalize, with reinforced corners and the Absorber™175 impact resistance class.

Satin Armor Case

A case ready to personalize, with a black satin frame, with the Absorber™150 impact resistance class.

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