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The questions and answers available here will help you with your All-Safe™ Booster system. All this to make sales and production even easier!

Starting sales.

Learn how to start sales and what the starter kit consists of.

The starter kit includes, among others: a protective film cutting plotter, printer, Huawei smartphone with All-Safe™ application installed, protective films and cases whose quantity is individually selected when placing an order. Detailed description of the kit can be found here.

It takes less than 3 minutes to cut the protective film using the certified 3mk Protection material. Look how simple it is here.

We send the starter kit within 24 hours of placing an order.

Yes. Our service technicians can conduct dedicated training at your point of sale or online. Contact us at to arrange an appointment convenient for you. In addition, we have prepared video instructions to help you take your first steps with the system. You’ll find them here.

The service is available 24 hours 7 days a week. Contact number: +48 532 516 620 E-mail address:

Sales and order processing of products at the producer.

See the information about the packaging of goods and availability of the case for particular phone models.

Orders are processed on an ongoing basis. We ship the products to the customer within 24 hours from the date of order.

Armor Case is available for 140 phone models and Satin Armor Case for 35 phone models.

Unlimited number of phone models. We are constantly adding new phone models to the system. We can add a new model within 24 hours.

The starter kit includes specially prepared packaging in which you will pack the product for the customer. The cardboard box can fit in a case and protective film.

Product costs and material lifespan.

Learn about costs of materials and supplies and their lifespan.

Materials and supplies can be ordered from the assigned Customer Service Representative.

Contact your Customer Service Representative and ask about the current price.

Prices of materials and supplies are agreed directly with your Customer Service Representative.

The recommended number of prints is 70 *(approximate value, depending on size and designs)

Recommended number of knife cuts for Anti-Shock™, Hammer™, SilverProtection 1000 pieces *(less quantity possible for Ferya and On-Demand prints)

Case personalisation.

Read more about case personalisation.

It takes 5 minutes to produce a personalized case. Look how simple it is.

The graphics should be prepared in the best possible quality, 300 dpi, resolution 1181 x 2125 px. The following formats are supported by the editor: .jpg, .png, .pdf. Important! Do not place important elements on the edge of the case, keep a 3 mm safety margin.

Personalization allows you to overlay and customize any graphics and create a collage from several photos.

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